SALLY IS _______ begins with telling the story behind Bibi’s song and profiling each of the unique individuals casted for the “Sally” music video. Each has their own unique perspective on life…with the stories to back it up. They are SALLIES.

SALLY, at his or her core, is someone who shakes off hate, negativity, and bad vibes and maintains focus and energy on what is most important for him or her.

SALLY is an identifier for like-minded people coming together towards a common goal.

SALLY is the modern day, genderless Rosie the Riveter, a symbol for a new generation of people.

Production Company: Def Jam Recordings
Director: Sebastian Sdaigui
Producer: Alanna Harrington
Executive Producer: Mildred Delamota
Director of Photography: Conor Murphy
Video Editor: Nathan Smith